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For all ears from the age of 8 months old!

and run

The Little Hearing Co is an audiology clinic located in Wynnum, owned and operated by a local Bayside family.

We have always had a
connection to the Bayside.

Growing up in Belmont and Wellington Point, Sunday afternoon fish and chips at Wynnum and Lota was something of a childhood ritual. We also have history in the local fishing communities, dating back generations. Nowadays, we live in the idyllic community of Wynnum, which is the perfect location for us to bring up our two young boys

- Ben & Jess.

ears too!

Sure, adults are better at sitting still
and sometimes throw fewer
tantrums, but testing childrens’
hearing is just as important.

Testing kids’ hearing isn’t always easy, but
it can make a big impact on their lives.

Hearing tests for children are important whenever you have
concerns about your child’s speech, language, learning or
behaviour. Unlike most hearing clinics, The Little hearing Co.
is set up to provide hearing tests for children as well.


We are brand

Our unique system measures how your brain processes sounds and matches complementary hearing technology so you can achieve great results.

We are not sponsored or owned by a big name brand. We constantly review the latest hearing technology from all major suppliers. This allows us to choose the best devices for you from the thousands available.


Ears and ears
of experience

We have helped thousands of hearing aid users and hundreds of hearing implant recipients in the past 16 years.

When you see us at The Little Hearing Co, you can rely on our experience to ensure that you’re getting the best recommendation for your unique needs. We have the clinical experience that allows us to develop a truly tailored hearing solution for you.

We look forward to
hearing from you

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