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A Little Info About.... Hearing Tests

Your ear is remarkable. It can take minute vibrations in the air and convert them to incredibly detailed electrical signals which our brains turn into meaningful sounds. Your hearing can bring you to tears, set your heart racing, or send you into a fit of laughter. Research tells us that maintaining good hearing is one of the most critical fundamental factors in maximising your quality of life.

Your hearing is precious, so if you have concerns about your hearing, don’t rely on a shopping centre screening test. Get a comprehensive test from a qualified audiologist.




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What happens during my hearing test?

Whether you're having your first hearing test or you've had plenty over the years, it is important that your test focusses on getting you the answers you're looking for. That's why we take the time to understand your concerns, as well as what you're doctor is trying to find out.

If you're coming in for a test, it is really helpful if you can tell us what you're missing out on, and where you'd love to be able to hear more clearly. Your personalised goals will help us to come up with a plan to get you back to hearing at your best.

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The big picture

Using high definition video otoscopy, we capture clear images of your ear canal and ear drum to help you understand any issues in the outer ear. These images are provided to your referring doctor so that they can see how your ear drums looked on the day or our assessment.

We use these high definition images in combination with our middle ear function tests to provide a comprehensive assessment of how the outer and middle parts of your ears are functioning.

Hearing losses due to issues in these areas will often respond to medical or surgical treatment, and your shopping centre screening tests won't pick these issues up.

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Beep beep

Next we want to find out the softest sounds that you can hear. To do this we play a series of beeps through the headphones and get you to press the button to let us know when you can hear them. We then repeat this testing via bone conduction to further rule out any outer or middle ear issues.

The final part of the testing is to see how clearly you are hearing. To do that we use standardised speech tests. In these speech tests you hear a word or a sentence and repeat what you think was said. These tests can help to pick up issues with the clarity of your hearing that need to be considered when putting together your plan to improve your hearing.

Once we have all of those results we will show you how you've gone, and talk you through the options to turn your hearing around and achieve your personal hearing goals.




What’s next?

Your hearing test alone may give you the answers you're looking for, but sometimes further help might be needed.

You may require further medical or surgical referral depending upon the nature of your hearing loss, or referral to other allied health professionals. However for most losses hearing rehabilitation is the next option.

Ben and Tom have decades of experience  across all aspects of adult hearing rehabilitation. From hearing aids, to hearing implants and tinnitus therapy, we can offer and unbiased solution for your unique needs.

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