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A Little Info About..... Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing refers to a group of skills that our brains use to make sense of the things that we hear. When one or more of these skills isn't working as it should our ability to understand sound can be impacted in a variety of ways.

An auditory processing weakness can present as frequent mishearing what someone says, difficulty keeping up with conversations, difficulty completing more than one instruction at a time, or trouble understanding humour and sarcasm.

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A Little Info About... Auditory Processing

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What is an Auditory Processing Assessment?

At the Little Hearing Co. our Auditory Processing Assessment starts with a routine hearing test to confirm that your child's hearing sensitivity is normal.

From there we move on to testing their auditory processing skills. This includes:

  • how well they can use both ears together to separate speech from noise,
  • how well they can fill in the gaps when a message is distorted,
  • how well they can detect slight differences between similar sounds, and
  • their ability to detect and interpret patterns of rhythm, timing and pitch.

We'll take you through the results at the end of the assessment so you're not waiting weeks to find out what's going on.

The formal report is then completed and sent to you within 2 weeks. The report will provide a list of recommendations to support your child with any weakness we find as well as strategies to strengthen those skills in the long run.

We can start reliably assessing Auditory Processing Skills from around 7 years of age. Some tests can be performed on younger children, but under 7 we can sometimes get some wishy washy results due to other weaknesses in areas such as attention, memory and vocabulary.

The testing takes a bit over an hour for most kids, so we need your child to be able to concentrate for that duration of time in order to get reliable results. If getting your child to sit and concentrate for the duration of the test might be an issue, let us know and we can break the assessment into two parts.

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