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These have been asked many times, not because we didn’t hear the question, but because a lot of people want to know.
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What do I need to bring to my appointment?

If it's your first appointment with us, please bring along your:

  • Medicare card
  • Doctors’ referral (if applicable) 
  • Any existing hearing aids that you own
  • Any previous audiograms/hearing test results
Do I need a referral to make an appointment? 

No, a referral is not required, however depending on your appointment type you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of $60 with a referral.

Do I get to find out the results on the day of the appointment?

Yes. Following your initial hearing assessment, we will take you through the results, discuss what they mean, and work with you to develop a plan for your next steps.

Which brand of hearing aids do you fit?

We are proud to be 100% independent. That means we can fit hearing aids and hearing implants from any of the major manufacturers available in Australia. This allows us to choose the device which best matches your individual hearing needs.

How much do your hearing aids cost?

For private clients, our hearing aids typically range from $2,500 for a pair up to $8,000. These prices will vary depending upon the specific devices. If  you’re looking for a quote on a specific device, please get in touch. 

If you are a pensioner or a holder of a Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA card holder you may be eligible for free hearing aids under the national Hearing Services Program. To check your eligibility, click here.

I purchased hearing aids from another clinic, do I have to keep going back to the same clinic? 

No, you do not have to keep going back to the same clinic. Clients from other service providers regularly transfer to The Little Hearing Co. Relocation of your hearing care and the management of your device is simple. We can do this in person or over the phone. 

How do I know if a cochlear implant or bone conduction implant is an option for me?

Cochlear implants are a great option for people who still struggle to hear conversations despite having well fitted hearing aids. Bone conduction implants are a great option for people with a significant hearing loss due to issues with their middle ear system or ear canals. We run regular information sessions for people who want to find out more about these options. Get in touch to find out more.

I’ve been told my child needs an auditory processing assessment, can you tell me what is involved in this assessment? 

A child may need an auditory processing assessment if they are experiencing difficulty with hearing and comprehension at school. The recommended minimum age for an auditory processing assessment is from 7 years old. The assessment involves a hearing test and an assessment on your child’s ability to make sense of the sounds that they are hearing. Our assessment process assesses 6 primary auditory processing skills. Based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses we can recommended strategies and therapy programs, so that your child isn’t held back by an auditory processing weakness.

 I have Tinnitus, is there anything I can do to reduce or get rid of it? 

Yes. Tinnitus is really common, and often misunderstood. The first step to getting on top of your tinnitus is a comprehensive hearing and tinnitus assessment. Based on those results we can determine the best course of action to help you with your tinnitus.

Do you offer subsidies for Pensioners? 

Yes. We offer discounted prices for pension and other concession card holders. 

The Little Hearing Co is a is an accredited service provider to the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP). The purpose of the program is to provide fully or partially subsidised hearing aids and services to Australians who are eligible under rules set out by the Department of Health. Through the program, the Department is working towards reducing the occurrence and impact of avoidable hearing loss by providing access to quality hearing services and devices for eligible participants.

Check your eligibility here.

What is covered under the Hearing Services Program? 

The Hearing Services Program covers a range of services and devices to help eligible concession card holders with the costs of their hearing care. The program covers:

  • Hearing tests  
  • Hearing Aids and other Assistive listening devices
  • Annual maintenance such as batteries and repairs
  • Access to rehabilitation services
How do I know if I am eligible for the Hearing Services Program?

To be eligible for the Hearing Services Program, generally you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • a Pensioner Concession Card holder
  • a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card holder
  • a Department of Veterans’ Affairs White Card holder issued for specific conditions that include hearing loss
  • receiving Sickness Allowance from Centrelink
  • a dependent of a person in one of the above categories
  • a member of the Australian Defence Force
  • referred by the Disability Employment Services (Disability Management Services) Program

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