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A Little Info About... Hearing Aids

All hearing aids are NOT created equally. 

Some are better at separating speech from noise, other give you a more natural sound. Some have easy, stable connectivity, while others can make the smallest in-the-canal devices. 

As an independent clinic, offer the full range of devices from Signia, Starkey, Widex, Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, ReSound, Beltone and Bernafon. This means we can find you the best device for your individual needs.



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Nearly all modern behind-the-ear hearing aids can connect to your phone and other wireless devices. Connecting wirelessly allows you to stream phone calls, music and other audio directly to your hearing aids. This cuts down the background noise and gives you the clearest signal.

If you're struggling to hear the phone, or need the TV too loud for everyone else, getting hearing aids that connect wirelessly might be just what you're looking for.

We offer a FREE hearing aid second opinion service, to help you find out more about whether this leap forward in technology could help you to hear at your best.

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Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming increasingly popular. Just pop them in the charger overnight and you’re ready to go in the morning. No more fiddling to try to change the batteries. 

Rechargable hearing aids also can be more reliable. By removing the opening for the battery door, there is significantly less risk of moisture getting into your aids and causing corrosion. Its still not a great idea to wear them into the pool, but if you get pushed in your rechargable hearing aids should still be fine. 

As part of our commitment to reduce waste, we have made our rechargeable hearing aids more affordable so that our clients can often access this great technology for the same price as conventional battery powered hearing aids. 

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No Beige Bananas

When someone starts talking about hearing aids, people often picture the big old beige bananas behind the ears. A lot of people are turned off by that idea.

Fortunately, all of the hearing aid manufacturers pay design gurus big bucks so that you can get great hearing results from nice looking devices.

The great news is that as an indpendent clinic, we can access the full range of latest hearing aids from all of the major suppliers. That means if you've seen something you like the look of, we probably have a demo set of those that you can borrow and see if the nice looking aids give you the result you're looking for. 


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Hearing aids aren't the best option for every hearing loss. Find out more about some of the other hearing devices available at The Little Hearing Co.

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