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If your hearing loss is due to issues with your ear canal, ear drum or the bones and muscles behind your ear drums, you might hear better with a solution that bypasses the issue.

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What is a Bone Conduction Implant?

Bone conduction implants and middle ear implants are specialist hearing devices for particular types of hearing loss. They consist of one component that is surgically implanted by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and an external processor which we program up for you.

Those two components work seamlessly to take advantage of your good inner ear hearing, giving you the clearer sound that you might achieve with even the fanciest hearing aid. 

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Is it right for me?

To find out if you could benefit from a bone conduction or middle ear implant, we start with a comprehensive hearing test.

We then do some specialist tests through a bone conductor headphone to see how well you hear if we bypass any issues with your outer or middle ear. Finally, if you’re a likely candidate, we program a demonstration device on a headband for you to experience the sound in the real world.

If you love the sound on the headband, you’ll usually find it is even better with the implant. 

There are four different types of Bone Conduction Implants that we offer at The Little Hearing Co. These systems are Cochlear's Baha and Osia systems, Medel's Bonebridge and Oticon Medical's Ponto. Each system has its own pros and cons, and choosing the best match for you will depend upon your hearing levels, your personal goals and your surgical suitability. 

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What's it cost?

These hearing implants are listed as prosthetic devices. This means that if you have mid to high level hospital cover, a bulk of the costs will be covered. You’ll need to talk to your surgeon to find out exact costs for the surgery, but your total out of pocket cost will generally be less than you would pay for a mid-high level hearing aid.

Your ongoing costs are often quite affordable, with Medicare rebates available for the ongoing programming and adjustments of the external processor.


Want to find out more?

It all starts with a comprehensive hearing assessment. If you haven’t had one in the last 6 months, book your Adult Hearing Test so we can start the process. If you have any questions, please get contact us.

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