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We have a confession to make. We kind of like cleaning wax out of people's ears. For a lot of people that might sound a bit gross, but being able to clear out a blocked ear and get someone's hearing back to normal is pretty cool.

At The Little Hearing Co. we use delicate microsuction to remove your wax.  It can be a bit noisy but it is often the safest way to get rid of any build up of excessive ear wax. Excessive ear wax can lead to painful, annoying wax impaction, or can cause your hearing aids to stop working effectively.

If ear wax is causing you issues, we can help. Its usually a good idea to try to use wax softening drops for a day or two prior to the appointment so that the wax can be removed as easily as possible.

Thanks to our high definition video otoscope, we can also show you the before and after images if you're into that sort of thing.




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