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About The Little Hearing Co.

Hearing care in Australia is dominated by the big, foreign-owned clinic chains. So we decided to be a Little different.

The Little Hearing Co. is your locally-owned full service audiology provider.

A hearing clinic, but a Little different.

The Little Hearing Co. is proud to be 100% locally owned and operated.

With a combined 40 years experience working in the hearing care industry, we had seen many small providers being bought up by BIG hearing aid chains. We believe that there is more to audiology than just selling hearing aids. Hearing matters from the time we are learning to speak, through our education, our work-life and into retirement.

That's when we decided to create a comprehensive family-owned hearing service, for your whole family.

Here's a few of our Little differences.

  1. Trusted, comprehensive and experienced. We've both worked with young children for decades and have assessed 10,000s of kids in that time. We are known and trusted by many GP and ENTs around Brisbane to provide accurate and comprehensive services.
  2. All of your hearing options. We have extensive expertise working with hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other implantable hearing solutions so when hearing aids are no longer suitable, we can easily transition you across to the next step in your hearing journey.
  3. All of the major manufacturers. We have deliberately chosen to offer all of the major hearing aid and hearing implant manufacturers available in Australia. This means we can find the right technology to meet your unique needs.


Are you ready for a Little help with your hearing?


We look forward to welcoming you to one of our two locations:

80 Florence Street, Wynnum QLD 4178

65 Gilston Street, Keperra QLD 4054 (opening June 2024)

The Little Hearing Co. Team

Ben Hoddinott

Ben is an industry-leading clinician with a special interest in Auditory Processing and Hearing Implants. He regularly presents at local and national conferences and has consulted to hearing implant companies on new devices and systems to enhance patient outcomes. Over his career, he has worked along-side many world renounced ear specialists on a wide array of complex hearing and medical cases. Ben founded The Little Hearing Co. with his wife Jess, to ensure that his local Bayside community had access to comprehensive, locally-owned expert hearing services.

Jessica Hoddinott

Jess is an international award-winning project manager turned audiology clinic business owner! Swapping steel caps for hearing aids, Jess manages both our Wynnum and Keperra clinics and ensures Ben and Tom keep on top of their paperwork. Jess is our super organiser – juggling mum, home, and business life and can make magic happen with our calendars to fit in all those urgent, last-minute appointments. Jess understands the difficulties and limitations of hearing loss having struggled with her own hearing impairment within the last ten years.

Tom Garwood

Tom has just clicked over 22 years working on ears as an Audiologist. He’s worked in public hospitals and private clinics, testing newborns to centenarians. Tom is passionate about tinnitus therapy and advanced hearing devices and his expertise in these fields has taken him overseas to present in international conferences on tinnitus and hearing aids. Tom regularly provides lectures and workshops on those subjects to local community groups, allied health practitioners, university courses, Doctors, and fellow Audiologists.

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